I’ve never really understood the “sport” of trophy hunting, particularly when the “trophy” is not something capable of hunting you back. For food or fur, okay, but just for a head to hang on a wall? Having said that, TROPHY: THE LAST RED-CRESTED WATCHAMACALLIT represents my first, and probably last, venture into the art of trophy gathering of endangered species. TROPHY: THE LAST RED-CRESTED WATCHAMACALLIT is a mosaic/mixed media wall hanging composed of glass, hand built paper clay, marbles and MDF. 12”H x 7 ½”W x 10”D

Compression #4

Compression #5

Compression #4 is an abstract, perhaps conceptual piece which uses geometric shapes, mosaic composition principles and a red/yellow/orange/black palette to evoke the feeling of tension created by the interaction  of pressure and resistance.  While it is numbered, it is a monoprint, a single, unique print.  The numbering refers to the particular image and its coloring.  It is not part of an edition of identical (or almost identical) prints from that plate.  It is a collograph, that is, the printing plate is created by building up the base plate rather than by cutting into it, as in the case of an etching, woodcut or drypoint.  I find that, when exploring conceptual images, the collograph process provides greater adaptability and flexibility.

Compression #4 has just returned home after being exhibited at “The Mosaic Muse,” a juried art show at City Hall in Philadelphia, PA in February and March of this year.

Compression #4 has also been accepted into the “Arizona Aqueous” juried art show at the Tubac Center of the Arts in Tubac, Arizona, which opens January 29, 2016.